House decoration in El Rocío

Located in the province of Huelva, El Rocío is an emblematic place known among other things for its natural environment and its pilgrimage. In the Village of El Rocío there are many residential and brotherhood houses, all with a unique charm. If you are lucky enough to have one of the houses in El Rocío, it is important that the interior decoration reflects the rustic and Andalusian style that characterizes this place.

In this entry we provide Interior Design keys to reflect the essence of the environment in the decoration of your home. If you are looking for professional advice, contact our studio and we will be happy to help you with your project.

VILLA MADROÑAL – Antonio Calzado Studio

Respect the essence

The houses in El Rocío are characterized by very large living rooms, several bedrooms and bathrooms, a large patio and even a stable area or stable for horses. Respecting the essence of the typical Rocío house can be interesting, so decoration is key to transforming the space.

By respecting the essence we mean fusing the current and modern with the traditional, a symbiosis on an aesthetic level that can be inspiring. In this step, the use of authentic materials is key, such as olive wood, handmade ceramics and natural stone. For a modern touch, bright colors can be implemented that are part of the Interior Design, but without saturating the space.

Colors of nature


Start by choosing a color palette that reflects the natural environment. Soft tones such as olive green, earthy brown and blue tones can be an ideal choice. These colors will evoke the serenity of El Rocío and will create a relaxing atmosphere in your home.

Also take advantage of the beauty of nature that surrounds you. Incorporate natural flowers or plants to connect your home with the outdoors.

The fabrics will also make up one of the key points for decoration. The use of natural fibers such as linen, sisal or jute will provide the spaces with a classic and natural touch that will work perfectly with the Rocia essence. Introduce soft and comfortable textiles such as cushions, blankets and curtains. Incorporating floral prints or checks can bring life to your space and add a touch of warmth.

Rustic and Andalusian style for houses in El Rocío

In our previous entry we told you that, at Antonio Calzado Estudio, we are very fans of the Andalusian style, and a house in El Rocío would be a perfect project to incorporate this type of decoration: vibrant and warm colors, geometric tiles, natural elements, vegetation and handcrafted elements such as decorative ceramic plates or clay elements. Learn more about the Andalusian Style in the previous post on our blog .

Open spaces and large windows

Make the most of the natural light and views that the environment provides you. Choose to preserve open spaces and large windows that allow light to pass through and add spaciousness. You can incorporate folding windows between rooms such as, for example, the living room and the patio to achieve larger areas at specific times. In the outdoor patio you can create a relaxing atmosphere with wicker or sisal furniture.

VILLA MADROÑAL – Antonio Calzado Studio

Restoration of furniture and vintage furniture

If you are thinking of throwing away an old sideboard or rocking chair... Don't do it! Restoring this type of furniture will be cheaper than buying new and, in addition, you will achieve a unique style. The decoration of a rustic house, such as a house in El Rocío, often includes vintage furniture or antiques that tell stories. If you are not lucky enough to already have some furniture of this style, don't worry, there are many second-hand markets or antique shops where you will find unmatched pieces.

Decorating houses in El Rocío is an opportunity to create a cozy refuge that celebrates the natural life and beauty of this place. These are some of the tips that we usually take into account when doing this type of projects, we hope they are useful to you. If you are thinking of buying or renting one of the houses in El Rocío, contact contact us to give it your personal touch.

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