Contract, Design and Utility

In recent times we are constantly hearing a concept… contract. But what is contract in the world of interior design? Contract, design and utility are three concepts that go hand in hand and in this post we are going to explain them to you.

From a luxury hotel to a restaurant and the design of an office or workspace, interior design plays a fundamental role in the customer experience. In the world of commercial design, where aesthetics are combined with functionality, a discipline emerges: contract design. This approach is applied in spaces such as restaurants, hotels, offices and other commercial environments to create environments suitable for the performance of daily work that go beyond aesthetics, prioritizing comfort, durability and efficiency.

What is the Contract?

Contract design encompasses a wide range of elements, from the layout of space to the selection of materials and furniture, with the aim of meeting the specific needs of a commercial space. Contrary to residential design, where individuality and personal expression may take priority, contract design focuses on functionality and durability, without sacrificing style.

One of the main challenges of commercial design is finding the balance between aesthetics and functionality. Contract spaces must be able to withstand a high level of traffic and constant use without compromising their visual appearance. That is why the selection of resistant and easy-to-clean materials is crucial in this type of design. From flooring to furniture, each element must be carefully chosen to ensure both beauty and practicality.

Design and Utility

One of the first steps we take in our studio when starting a project of these characteristics is to understand the needs of the business, the type of client, etc. Commercial spaces need to adapt to different needs and situations. A restaurant may have to reconfigure its layout to accommodate special events, while an office may require versatile spaces for meetings and collaboration.

At Antonio Calzado Estudio Specialists in creating commercial spaces, projects related to the hotel, office and hospitality sectors. For this type of projects, our team listens to the needs of the company and always looks for the satisfaction of the clients who will use these spaces, the client experience is of vital importance.

Every detail, from lighting to seating design, contributes to visitors' overall impression of the venue. Contract design strives to create memorable experiences that go beyond the visual. It is about creating environments that value design and utility.

Trends and Innovation

As in Like any other design discipline, contract design is subject to constant trends and evolutions. Our team of professionals are constantly discovering new ways to improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of commercial spaces. Innovation plays a crucial role in this process, since it will form the hallmark of each of the businesses.

Contract design is much more than simply decorating a commercial space; It is a discipline that combines artistic skills with technical knowledge and an important understanding of client needs. From restaurants to hotels to offices, contract design plays a key role in creating environments that are not only visually appealing, but also functional and comfortable. It is the perfect fusion between design and utility, where every detail is meticulously cared for to offer experiences that last in the minds and hearts of those who experience them.

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