New Decoration Trends

We already know that the world of interior design and decoration is very changing but we love that every season there are new trends on display. In today's entry we talk about new decoration trends, from furniture to wallpaper. If you are thinking about giving a modern touch to your home or business, you are on the right interior design and decoration advice blog.

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There was a time when wood was avoided because it was reminiscent of the classic, but in recent seasons, wood has become a trend again in all its styles and finishes. Now, toasted wood is part of the new decoration trends and you already know that we love working with wood, so let's study how we can incorporate this trend into a project.

Wood is adaptable to any decorative style but lately we tend to see it more in the Mediterranean or Wabi Sabi style in a relaxed, natural way and with visible grains. Now we are faced with a wood with a finish with character, a finish that tends to a cherry color and that is perfect to incorporate into any room to give it personality. Chairs, tables, wooden frames, bookcases... adapt this trend to your needs and experiment with the textures and tones of wood.


Stripe and color… a perfect fusion. It doesn't matter if the stripe is wider or narrower, straight or crisscrossed with each other. Chromatic stripes will be that perfect and timeless print for your interior design project. Incorporate it in textiles such as cushions, curtains or tablecloths but if you are more daring... incorporate the chromatic stripes on walls either with a painted mural or with wallpaper.

Another way to incorporate this type of prints that we keep seeing in the main decoration brands is in tableware. Ceramics in decoration have been a strong decoration trend for several seasons and without a doubt, we seem to see the chromatic line in this type of elements.


It is not new that lines are part of new decoration trends but now we will not focus so much on organic lines. The lines that are trending now are lines of any type, straight, curved, zigzag and everything you can think of. The organic is passing by and now we look for elements with more marked, strong lines and character. Currently you will find infinite collections inspired by this trend, although our favorites are the decorative elements and auxiliary furniture. You can change these pieces whenever you want and adapt to new trends that emerge.


This is perhaps our favorite trend of the new decoration and interior design trends. Chromatic harmony is a timeless trend and styles that are usually part of the partial or comprehensive interior design projects of our interior design and decoration studio.

The key to this trend is finding the balance of colors in a room or complete project. Our favorite color harmony is monochrome adorned with a touch of color. We usually use neutral colors such as white or beige as a base and incorporate decorative elements to add personality and character to the different environments as well as textiles, decorative elements or some pigmented natural element.

You can incorporate all of these trends into your design and decoration project. If you know how to do it, you will find a way to use all or some of them in a stylish and timeless way. If you think we can execute your project, Get in contact with us and we will have a first contact, we will be happy to assist you. You can also follow us on Instagram and stay up to date with all our projects and news from the studio.

Until the next entry!