Colors that will triumph this year

With the arrival of a new year, new trends also land in the world of interior design and here we are, one more entry, to analyze interior design trends. This time we write about the colors that will triumph this year 2024 in current and sophisticated homes and businesses.

You can integrate these colors by making them the protagonists of your spaces, but you can also add them in the form of subtle touches of color.


Peach or Apricot Orange

Como ya nos adelantaba Pantone, el melocotón, con su tonalidad suave y cálida será sin duda es uno de los colores que triunfarán este año. Es la opción perfecta para todos aquellos que buscan incorporar el color en sus casas de una forma sutil y elegante. Úsalo en paredes, textiles o detalles decorativos, de esta forma añadirás un extra de romanticismo y confort a tu espacio.

Everything in the Red

Red in its entire color range is also among the colors that will triumph this year. For the most daring, incorporating red into their rooms can be a sophisticated and differentiating touch that marks a strong style and personality.

We can find this tone in textiles, wallpapers, furniture and, of course, objects distributed throughout the spaces. In addition, red merges with a trend that is booming this year: retro style. You will find countless furniture in all versions of red and you will be incorporating two trends into your home at the same time.

Much color

Continuing in line with the retro style that we will see so much in Interior Design this 2024, chromaticism will undoubtedly be the most acclaimed trend in terms of colorimetry when designing any space. The shades of violet, yellow, pink, green, etc. Everyone will have a place this year in the interior spaces but… be careful! Take care of the way you incorporate them into your spaces so that the explosion of color adds to the aesthetics and does not detract from style and elegance.

If what you are looking for is an aesthetic reminiscent of the 80s - 90s, a visual impact and a ground-breaking space... this trend is yours.

Organic Shades

Entre tanto color también encontramos un poco de calma y serenidad. Las tonalidades orgánicas será tendencia en el mundo del interiorismo. Si quieres espacios atemporales y adaptables a todas las tendencias, las tonalidades orgánicas son la opción perfecta.

Of course we will see new shades within this range such as, for example, honey tone or soft and satin grays. These colors will bring peace and style to your home while connecting your spaces with nature. They are less striking colors and, therefore, easier to integrate into the design of your home. Las tonalidades orgánicas son colores que triunfarán este año.

In any case, stay true to your style and do not get carried away by trends that could saturate the visual aesthetics of your home. If you dare with all color, we would love to see the result! And if you let yourself be carried away by organic tones, it will be a safe style bet in your home.

Choosing the tones that will make up your environment and your daily life may seem complicated among so many options, but at Antonio Calzado Estudio we have all the tools to make this process easier for you. Get in touch with Antonio Calzado Estudio, we will be happy to help you. You can also follow us on Instagram so as not to miss any news from our studio and interior design projects.

See you in future posts!