Best Interior Design and Design Fairs in Spain

At Antonio Calzado Estudio we are very excited about the beginning of this new year 2024. In the world of Interior Design, one of the most enriching plans is, without a doubt, visits to the best Interior Design fairs. These fairs are crucial events that offer a window into the latest market trends. In this entry we highlight the four best interior design and design fairs in Spain and we announce some very good news... The Antonio Calzado Estudio team will participate in one of them in 2024!

MIAD. Madrid Interior Architecture & Design

This fair starts withhe is atmere edition in 2024 and sIt will be held in the month of March with a duration of 12 days. It will take place in the Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas, Madrid. An emblematic historical and artistic monument of the city. MIDDLE It promises to be the leading national event that combines art, design and architecture, presenting itself as a fresh and innovative fair.

This fair manages to establish itself as a reference for professionals and design enthusiasts, even without having been held for the first time! MIAD not only exhibits the latest creations and products of national designers, but also serves as a meeting point for professionals in the sector. The fusion of styles, innovative materials and unique architectural proposals make MIAD become the most inspiring and exclusive space.exclusive of the national panorama in terms of Interior Design.

MIAD está respaldado por un equipo cualificado de profesionales como Sergio Sánchez y David Jiménez, expertos en este tipo de eventos. También se encuentran en el equipo Alejandro Zaia y Ángel Rivero, ambos fundadores de grandes ferias y eventos de arte y diseño como, por ejemplo, PINTA New York o Marbella Art & Design.

The diversity of styles and creative approaches at MIAD reflects the richness of the design landscape in Spain. For all these reasons, Antonio Calzado Estudio will present uA totally innovative space in the first edition of MIAD. A space faithful to the style and values ​​of our studio, but always leaving room for innovation and exquisite design. At Antonio Calzado studio we consider it one of the best interior design fairs on the current scene.

Follow us on Instagram to accompany us in the creative process and in our participation in this first edition of MIAD. It will be a unique experience and a fair that we must undoubtedly consider in the calendar of design events in Spain as one of the best fairs.

House Decor

Casa Decor is another of the jewels of the national Interior Design fairs. This annual event transforms an iconic Madrid location/building into a design showcase. At Casa Decor, architects, interior designers and renowned brands come together located in different spaces. Each area within Casa Decor is a work of art in itself, with a unique concept created by professionals from the world of interior design.

The versatility of Interior Design is shown and the latest trends in furniture, lighting, home automation and decoration are presented.

Valencia Habitat Fair

Celebrated in the Mediterranean city and noted for its focus on the design of furniture and home decoration accessories. This fair not only attracts designers and manufacturers, but also leading architectural professionals and international buyers. Quality and innovation are the two pillars and values ​​of the Valencia Habitat Fair, which becomes a space for the exchange of ideas and collaborations that drive the interior design industry.

Marbella Design Art

The team of this fair are the founders of the new MIAD fair. Marbella Design Art is one of the best fairs where contemporary art and Interior Design are combined. It is held in Marbella, an emblematic location in the area of ​​Malaga.

In each edition it has more than 50 spaces where brands of great international and national relevance exhibit, and where interior designers and designers find a space to exhibit their creations. In conclusion, a unique space in the south of Spain that serves as an exhibition of the best of the national market in terms of interior design, but also as a meeting point between professionals in the sector.

Spain is a country that is committed to art and Design. These are just some of the best interior design and design fairs in Spain, but there are a few more. They are unique opportunities to make contacts, learn about market news and trends and spend a few days surrounded by the fascinating world of interior design for all those who love interior design.

See you in future posts! our blog, the en MIAD!

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